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More About The Adventure FUNFLYER 2... After 10 years experience with the FunFlyer single-seater & tandem Trike, Adventure has taken things to the next level by designing the ALL NEW FunFlyer 2! Welcome to the next-generation of Paramotor Trike from Adventure. The Adventure FunFlyer 2 Paramotor Trike features an optimized BALANCE between

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PRIMUS Paramotor

Want to Know More About The Adventure Primus? The Adventure Primus is known as "the Pluma's little brother!" Most of the peripheral parts like the carbon foot, tank, cage, and harnesses are compatible with BOTH models. It's easy to upgrade from the Primus to the Pluma if you'd ever like to. The

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PLUMA Paramotor

Want to Know More About The Adventure Pluma? The Adventure Pluma Features: Carbon fiber chassis, carbon fiber swing arms, and a complete carbon fiber cage! The complete cage weighs in at just 5.85 to 6.5 lbs (2.65-2.95 kg) *. Adventure presents the most affordable carbon fiber Paramotor available! The Adventure Pluma is

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